I’m Back

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Yes, i know it has been awhile, and i have had a slow start getting into the blog for this year, but I’m here now.  I have to say that as of this sunday the football season will come to a close (besides the Pro Bowl, but honestly who watches that or cares) with the Super Bowl… and yes basketball is in full swing with March Madness approaching within a month, but lets face it, those basketball uniforms have nothing on baseball boys wearing tight pants, pinstrips, and hats.  Quite frankly I miss it and am eagerly awaiting the start of baseball season.

As is always the drama continues around A-rod, it never seems to stop lately, with the leaking of comments that Joe Torres, the former Yankees manager has made about the Yankee.  Segments from the book basically suggest that A-rod is a diva (no really!) and his alienation of himself from his teammates, specifically when he came over from the Rangers by the Clubhouse valet, and coffee retriever had needed in order to keep up the good work on the field….please Diva? These are vital to top performance!

I also find it funny that Manny Ramirez is still “free” as spring training rapidly approches.. Now we all know he will be on a team, but most likely right back at the Dodgers, with the Giants and Mets with outside chances.

Either way, i can’t wait for the season to start, knowing there will be plenty going on in and out of the game!!  Stay tuned. 🙂

“Statistics are like bikinis, they show a lot, but never everything.”  Lou Pinella, the Chicago Cubs


Hottie of the month…..

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Ok, so i’ve decided that until baseball season gets closer i’m going to pick a hottie of the month, to highlight how many fine young men, play America’s favorite pastime…and this month I could not help but pick a boy from my hometown of Seattle, by the name of Grady Sizemore..I mean  who wouldn’t be drawn in by those dimples and little boy face…mmmmmm… amazing and he is a great player too.. Anyways i am definently going to post a pic.  in the next day or two, just so many to choose from that I like!  🙂

Other Peoples’ Tattoos Are Interesting ‘Cause They Ain’t Mine

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I like tattoos as much as the next person, but this is a little much….I mean come on Barry Bonds!


Other Peoples’ Tattoos Are Interesting ‘Cause They Ain’t Mine

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